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หน้าแรก > Having 10 Colors, New TVS Callisto is Officially Released


Having 10 Colors, New TVS Callisto is Officially Released

by 简·海斯(Jan Hayes) 22/06/2022

The new TVS Callisto has been officially released, with 10 Indonesian-inspired colors, injection, and an iron plate body.

In Indonesia, the TVS Callisto 2021 and TVS Callisto 2022 have already been launched. There are various improvements in this current edition, the most significant of which is the use of fuel injection. 

TVS offers two injection technology platforms: RT-Fi (Race Tuned Fuel Injection) and ET-Fi (Eco Thrust Fuel injection).

ET-Fi technology was chosen for the TVS Callisto because it is said to be capable of increasing the performance of the 109.7 cc engine while maintaining a better balanced mix between performance and fuel efficiency.

The frame was modified in addition to the new engine. By resetting the center of gravity, there is now an improvement in comfort.

"We term this enhancement "Body Balance Technology," since the vehicle's center of gravity is lower and in the centre of the vehicle, resulting in better and more stable vehicle control," stated J Thangarajan, President Director, PT TVS Motor Company Indonesia.

There is also a new one on the display: the headlight is now LED. The formerly clean windshield has thereafter turned smoke gray.

The choice of metal body material on the front fender and the right and left body panels is entertaining.

According to TVS, the use of this material makes Callisto feel more luxurious.

The Callisto seats are covered in a dual tone touch of dark brown blended with light brown and accented with a checkered stitch pattern accent to accentuate the traditional image.

Another great feature is the TVS Callisto's 21-liter trunk and 6-liter gasoline tank.

The gasoline tank is particularly distinctive in that it is located outdoors, namely behind the seat, making it easier to access without having to unzip the seat.

In terms of color options, there are now seven premium hues in addition to the three basic colors, namely Brown – Autumn Brown, Blue – Indi Blue, and Black – Midnight Black.

TVS worked together with Nippon Paint to create these premium hues.

The seven colors are Green – Mint Green, Blue – Mysterious Blue, Yellow – Banana Yellow, White – Pearl White, Green – Olive Green, Pink – Pinky Promise, and Red – Passion Red.

These premium hues are inspired by Indonesia's abundant natural resources.

The light green hue, often known as Mint Green, was inspired by Kelimutu Lake in East Nusa Tenggara Province.

The yellow hue of Banana Yellow is inspired by the Sultan Riau Penyengat Mosque's structure.

The White Pearl White hue was inspired by the white sand beaches that may be seen all over Indonesia's coast. While the Pinky Promise hue is inspired by the sand of Pink Flores Beach.

The red hue chosen by TVS was inspired by the red color of roses in the flower garden.

TVS chose Pine Forest Green for the Olive Green hue.

All these colors reinforce TVS Callisto's main campaign “Feel Your Journey” where the main idea of ​​this campaign is a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience. With Callisto, all trips become more comfortable and memorable,” concluded Rizal Tandju, Head of Marketing for PT TVS Motor Company Indonesia.

TVS Callisto standard color is sold at a price of Rp. 17,900,000 OTR Jakarta, while for TVS Callisto Premium color is sold at a price of Rp. 18,900,000 OTR Jakarta.

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