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The Vespa Elettrica dresses in red for a good cause

by 简·海斯(Jan Hayes) 14/06/2022

Vespa joins forces once again with (RED) , the non-profit organization founded by Bono and Bobby Shriver that originally fought the AIDS pandemic but has now focused on the threat of COVID and its devastating impact in the most vulnerable communities.

Well, as Vespa did on up to two occasions, this time they have dressed an entire Vespa Elettrica in red to help the organization raise funds. Specifically, $100 per motorcycle sold will be donated to the World Fund to help with the ravages of the pandemic.

Vespa Elettrica: two configurations to increase support

Vespa has released a new edition (RED) to help raise funds for the Global Fund , one of the largest funders of health along with (RED) in the fight against pandemics.

On this occasion, the model chosen to help (RED) has been the Vespa Elettrica , the scooter powered by an electric motor with which it shares concern and respect for global health and the environment.

The first thing they have done with the scooter is to dress it in red. On one side is the gray finish that this model usually uses to now include a red steel body that also extends over its saddle or its wheels . The chrome finishes complete the exterior of the motorcycle, placing special emphasis on marking the line of the whole, such as the profile that runs along the perimeter of its shield or the front fender.

As for the mechanical part, we did not find differences. We still have two engine options. One designed for the AM license with which we will not exceed 45 km/h and another designed for the A1 or the validation of the B license, with a maximum speed of 70 km/h. Both options have a range of 100 km and a recharge time of 4 hours in a 220W domestic outlet.

With this Vespa Elettrica there are already three collaborations that the Piaggio Group has made with (RED) after its Vespa 946 Red in 2017 and its Vespa Primavera (RED) in 2020. This time, the agreement reached by both parties is that for every motorcycle sold with these specifications, $100 will be donated to the Global Fund to support life-saving programs in communities where pandemics hit hardest.

The price of this new red edition of the Vespa Elettrica is 6,999 euros for the limited to 45 km/h, while the 70 km/h version will be priced at 7,199 euros . All prices include VAT.

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